Property Management G LLC

Management Service Provided:


We handle all vendor payments on behalf of the property, ensuring they are paid on time. Owners can access detailed expense information anytime they desire, providing transparency and peace of mind.


Our convenient online rent collection system allows tenants to pay their rent in real time. They can choose to make electronic fund transfers or even pay by credit card, offering flexibility and convenience.


We meticulously screen and select vendors to ensure that your property receives top-notch repair and maintenance services at the best possible prices. Rest assured that only trusted professionals will work on your property.


Running a property requires sound financial management. We provide comprehensive monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports, allowing you to stay informed about the performance and financial health of your property.

* Rent/Payment INVOICING 📝

To assist your tenants in staying on top of rent payments, we send out monthly invoices as reminders that payment is due. This proactive approach helps maintain a consistent and reliable cash flow for your property.